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Job Description: Personal Assistant

Overview: The position of Personal Assistant is both a demanding and rewarding one. We require a competent and highly organized individual with exceptional foresight and a fairly high stress tolerance. Our personal assistant is responsible for the maintenance of Our daily routine in both professional and private circles, from the minute We wake up in the morning until the moment We fall asleep at night. We desire a pro-active individual that will be able to respond quickly and positively to all manner of situations with poise and quiet efficiency. We expect Our personal assistant to be observant and to eventually learn to anticipate Our needs, Our whims, and even Our moods. In the event that Our own instructions cannot be carried out for whatever reason, We expect Our personal assistant to HANDLE IT to Our eventual satisfaction. This position will come with a great deal of responsibility and trust. Relocation is imperative. A summary list of personal requirements as well as Our personal preferences is listed at the end of this document.


~ Coordinate and schedule Our daily agenda and to-do list, as well as weekly and monthly calendar appointments;
~ Coordinate and schedule all travel arrangements (Lady Alia travels up to 85% of the time - the personal assistant may accompany her from time to time - schedule permitting particularly if the PA is a student;
~ Manage all incoming and outgoing correspondence, i.e., sort and read mail, draft responses, maintain network database, receive and send overnight packages;
~ Manage incoming and outgoing telephone, fax, and e-mail traffic;
~ Under the supervision of Sir Robin, manage all household accounts payable and receivable - create monthly domestic expense report in conjunction with Financial Planner and Accountant;
~ Collect, track, assemble and submit Lady Alia's corporate expense and activity reports (per trip);
~ Maintain all personal and professional files.

~ Manage and coordinate (with Lady Alia) all household staff and external contractors in daily / weekly schedules and tasks - including part-time maid / cook, part-time maintenance worker / driver, personal trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist, and house-sitter / cat-sitter;
~ Manage daily and weekly diet and menu plan (will train with Our current nutritionist and personal trainer);
~ Maintain wardrobe - make certain that all dry-cleaning, laundry, tailoring, and general repairs are completed by appropriate personnel to ensure optimum clothing selection;
~ Conduct all household purchasing including grocery shopping (currently maintained online), domestic products, etc.;
~ Provide care and affection (in Our absence) for the Prince (a young white wolf named Zeus) and Princesses of the House - a Seal Point Tonkinese named Queen Nephertiti (Nephers for short), a part Siamese / part Calico named Rochie (Rocky), and a black Witch Cat named Luchie (Lucky), as well as an old black part German Shepard / part Rotweiler mix named Dixie;
~ Welcome all visitors to the house and make necessary arrangements for overnight guests (menu, accommodations, etc.).

~ Serve as personal valet:
** assist with morning ritual, including wake-up, stretch exercises, grooming, wardrobe, breakfast, and morning update (news, stock reports, task list, schedule, etc.);
** assist with mid-day events including tea service, siestas, work-out regimens, errands, etc.;
** assist with nighttime rituals including stretch exercises, grooming, massage, and evening re-cap;
~ Make certain all meals are correctly prepared, served at reasonable times, and that We eat them (especially Sir Robin);
~ PLAY with Us (more on this later)

~ Formal education - preferably a minimum of a four-year degree although this position is conducive to pursuing any level of education. Grad students welcome for this position. Education assistance negotiable as part of compensation;
~ A cat-lover (a mere "tolerance" for them really will not suffice - trust me);
~ Spirituality - someone who has a sense of something greater than themselves;
~ Pride - someone who takes great pride in serving Us well;
~ Humor - someone who can laugh with Us, and can make Us laugh when We need it. Someone who can easily laugh at themselves for their foibles and foolishness;


~ Drug and disease free - No current illegal drug users or abusers of a legal prescription drug (including alcohol). If a recovering addict of either, we require proof of a minimum of four years incident-free living. We will require extensive medical history, a full physical assessment by Our physician, as well as blood screening for blood type, Hepatitis strains, and HIV. Upon successful selection of Our new personal assistant, We will undergo the same blood screening for your reassurances prior to contract signing;
~ No criminal history related to felony or misdemeanor crimes related to theft, prostitution, sexual abuse, molestation, rape, sexual assault, general assault, or battery, to name a few. We will require an authorized background check prior to receiving a formal letter of offer. To reciprocate trust and information, we will also provide similar evidence to the same;
~ Valid driver's license and a safe driving record. We will require an authorized review of your driving history with the DMV;
~ Moderate computer skills including use of the Internet, familiarity with e-mail systems, some skill in the use of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Outlook;
~ Exceptional organizational skills, applicable to something as simple as rearranging Our spice rack to something as complex as managing Our daily life;
~ A keenly developed intellect and a natural curiosity for the undiscovered within yourself and your world;
~ Maturity, composure, and a seriously open mind;
~ Etiquette, decorum, protocol - practical experience in social situations and a natural deference to authority;
~ Long-range goals - We want to know them and We want to help you achieve them.

Compensation (may include all or any combination of the following, depending on negotiation and need)
~ Full room, board, and requisite wardrobe appropriate for domestic service, time-off, social functions, and travel with Lady Alia;
~ Tuition assistance will be provided after Pell Grants and / or Stafford Loans are applied to education bill (if the candidate qualifies for federal assistance), otherwise full tuition and text fees will be provided to Arizona State University for both undergraduate and graduate work. Attendance at any other university will receive tuition assistance up to the amount paid out for attendance at ASU;
~ Partial medical benefits - candidate may qualify for our corporate sponsored medical benefits program. If not, We will pay for all requisite visits to the physician and prescriptions. Emergency care and major medical will be negotiated on a per-incident basis. This position does not constitute as a position of employment and therefore is exempt from workman's compensation and other similar programs;
~ Approved access to an insured vehicle - premiums to be paid by Us (insured under the candidate's driver's license and social security number, hence the reason for a valid driver's license and safe driving record)
~ Approved access to various expense accounts
~ Severance guarantee - to be negotiated

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