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Looking for the "RIGHT" woman

We would like to welcome you into our home

Are you fascinated my BDSM? Have thoughts of submission? Wonder what it would be like to live your D/s thoughts in real life? Would you like to learn from both a Master and Mistress? If so and you are of legal age, please continue.

We are a loving D/s couple. His name is Sir Robin, age 39; hers is Lady Alia, age 29. We are both caucasian and are working business professionals. Because of our busy schedules, we are in need of a woman to help us out around the house with general housekeeping, meal preparation, and general clerical tasks. In return for your service you will receive full house privileges, swimming pool, cable TV, private bath and internet access (with rules of course). You will also have the unique opportunity to develop and explore your submissive side to its fullest potential while being submissive to both a man and a woman. We both have real life experience and he has more than a decade of experience as a teacher and mentor to others in the lifestyle. We will provide you as many references from other female submissives as are needed to assure you of your complete safety and of our integrity. You will find that we are very patient, but very demanding. He is recognized as a pre-eminent Master of whips, floggers, and a variety of other implements and is often asked to give demonstration classes at local D/s organizations. He is also very serious in his commitment to take FULL responsibility for the care and well being of anyone who places themselves in his care.

For you to meet our needs, you should be healthy, intelligent, a non-smoker, non-drinker who does not use any type of drugs. If selected you will of course be living in a D/s oriented home in an affluent area of Arizona. You will be encouraged to continue your formal education with tuition assistance being provided by us (ASU is nearby! ). As for your required duties, all that is required of you is that you perform your household and clerical chores in exchange for your stay, everything else will be customized to your needs and desires.. The D/s side of this relationship is provided as an OPTION and perk and is NOT a requirement. You can have D/s with or without pain, with or without any sexual context or to the degree of being 24/7 owned property, mild to wild the choice is there. The point here is that our dominance is a gift and will be provided at whatever pace and intensity you are comfortable with your safety and pleasure being guaranteed by our commitment.


Job Description: Personel Assistant

About US

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